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Luck E

Luck E Redman Spinner Bait

Luck E Redman Spinner Bait

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Teaming up with Jimmy Houston to bring you his go-to lures from throughout his career, the Luck E Redman Colorado Spinnerbait is a retro design from the 1970s that preserves all of the fish-catching ability of the original but with upgraded features. Built around a short arm safety pin wire design, the Redman Spinnerbait is built exceptionally durable making it perfect for fishing through heavy cover and withstanding the abuse of numerous fish catches.

The classic barrel swivel configuration attaches to an oversize Colorado blade to provide the perfect slowed rotation point for enhanced thumping vibration and incredible feel. Fitted with vintage flat rubber skirts that undulate and breathe underwater, each head is finished with chip-resistant powder paint to create a more life-like appearance. Featuring a closed-eye line tie so the knot will never slip down the wire, the Luck-E-Strike Redman Colorado Spinnerbait is a timeless classic that excels in cold dirty water conditions.

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