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Luck E Strike

Lizard Kit

Lizard Kit

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This assorted Luck "E" Strike Lizard Kit has 27 pieces available at your disposal to use at the end of your line. With 4 great colors of Soft Plastic Lizards and some Hooks. This kit is great for catching a variety of fish including Bass, Walleye & Pike.

The Luck-E-Strike Kit Lizard consist of a variety of colors in the Luck-E-Strike eight-inch lizard.  The Kit Lizard also contains hooks and sinkers for Texas rigging.  Darker color lizards are most used in low light conditions or stained to off colored water.  The lighter colors such as the green and brown tones are used in clear to slightly stained water conditions.  Lizards are most commonly used for black bass.  Fish the lizard around wood, rocks, vegetation, and scattered cover that bass use as ambush points. 
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