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Luck E Strike

Square Bill Crankbait

Square Bill Crankbait

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Developed by Luck-E-Strike, the Luck-E-Strike Rattler Square Bill Crankbait delivers the same shallow water performance as the original silent RC2 Squarebill - now with a rattle. While the original RC2 was designed as a silent bait, relying on water displacement and vibration to attract strikes, there are times when off-color water demands a rattle to make it easier for fish to locate and strike the lure.

The new Luck-E-Strike Rattler Square Bill Crankbait features the same flat head and wide body that gave the original RC2 a wider wobble that has been proven to attract fish. Those same features are what allows the RC2 Rattler Square Bill to get through cover without hanging up. Highly effective during late-Spring and Fall, its recommended to fish the Luck-E-Strike Rattler Square Bill Crankbait just like you would a spinnerbait

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